Two-Year-Old Rooms

Ages 24-36 Months

This classroom focuses on a multitude of skills including social development, motor skills, language, math, and self-help skills.  Children in this class learn to move towards cooperative play with their peers and begin to explore a center based classroom.  This classroom offers part time and full time opportunities.

Classroom #1 - Elizabeth Wilhelm: I have been a lead two-year-old teacher at St. Peter for over 5 years.  I am a huge Harry Potter and Disney fan.  I enjoy traveling with my favorite traveling spots being Alaska!

Classroom #2 - Adrienne Griesenauer: I have taught in the two-year-old classroom for the past two years at the ELC.  What a fun age group to work with!  In my free time, I love photography and spending time with my family.  My favorite season is summer and all of the great activities that go along with it, including baseball!