Tuition Credits

In the past three days has anyone in your family:

  • Purchased gas?
  • Shopped for groceries?
  • Dined out?

Then you can earn rebates toward you tuition credits while supporting St. Peter’s regional schools with your everyday purchases!

How Does Shop With Scrip Work?

Scrip gift cards are the same gift cards you purchase from a retailer. You pay face value for the gift card and the Shop With Scrip program sends St. Peter a rebate for all gift cards purchased. YOU earn 50% of the rebate and you can use the rebate toward tuition credit, the regional school tuition subsidy fund or receive cash back. The value of the rebate will vary depending on retailer. For example, Amazon offers a 2.5% rebate and Land’s End offers a 16% rebate.

FIRST STEP is to sign a St. Peter Program Agreement & Enrollment Form

For more information, see