St. Peter Early Learning Center provides a secure, nurturing and year-round educational environment for your child. We believe your child’s early years play an important role in the development of their educational future. We make learning exciting and challenging for all children based on material that is relevant and meaningful to them. Our engaging curriculum encompasses the developmental needs of the whole child: cognitive, physical, social, and spiritual. We recognize each child as an individual who learns at his or her own pace. We offer positive reinforcement to strengthen their character, and provide a nurturing environment that promotes the natural desire to explore, ask questions, and find answers.

We believe in being supportive of our parents, and welcome your positive involvement and presence. We strive to strengthen the home and school connection through daily emails that provide parents with the day’s activity description and pictures of their child engaging in the classroom. Through this information, parents can choose to provide extension activities at home to correspond to what is being learned at school.


6:30 am to 6:00 pm
All Year Long!



We provide a nurturing environment that promotes your child's natural desire to explore, ask questions, and find answers.



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I am so impressed with how the Christmas concert went! I honestly went in expecting it to be a nightmare - I couldn't even imagine how you would get a class of two year old's to cooperate with something like that, nevertheless on a stage in front of so many people. I also didn't expect s...

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Welcome to our new website, we're glad you are here!  We hope this website introduces you to our Early Learning Center but we would love to show all we have to offer personally.  Just call or email us to schedule a tour. Look to this area of our site for the latest news.

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