Healthy Eating

Our goal is to serve healthy food that provides children with the nutrients they need, not empty cheap calories.  Our menu includes fresh fruit, vegetables, and proteins every day.  Many of our meals and snacks are homemade to avoid preservatives and added sweeteners in the children’s diet.   We serve a light breakfast at 7am, a mid morning snack at 9am (for our younger children), lunch at 11am, and an afternoon snack at 3pm.  Our lunch always includes a fruit, vegetable, protein, and milk.  We are sensitive to children with food allergies and work alongside parents to ensure a safe mealtime environment.

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Meet our Chef & Cafeteria Manager

Hi! I am Pastry Chef Jair Bush. I am a culinary school graduate of STLCC at Forest Park. I have an Associates of Applied Science in Baking and Pastry Arts. I have over ten years of culinary and baking experience.

I was previously the district chef for Clayton School District, where I was responsible for all catering needs of the PTO and staff, the pastry chef liaison for the ProStart Competition team, and lastly but not least, developing menus for several events including tasting menus for the little ones at the elementary and middle schools.

 I may be a trained pastry chef but I am also a culinary chef. I was a training sous chef for Nordstrom Cafe Bistro for five years. In addition to spreading my love through food at different companies. I am also the owner and operator for a small bakery called Simply Sweet Sensations LLC where you can indulge your senses for all occasions. Food is my first love and passion. I am food and food is me. I look forward to growing with St. Peter Early Learning Center.