About St. Peter Early Learning Center

Center Overview

St. Peter Early Learning Center was established in 2000 and continues to grow each year.  We are open Monday through Friday 7:00am until 6:00pm all year long.  We offer a variety of enrollment options including a day school schedule from 8am to 3:00pm and full day which is any 10 hour period during our open hours.  We also offer Summer Camp during the summer months for children ages 6-12 years old.

Program Mission

St. Peter Early Learning Center strives to enrich the early childhood education of children ages six weeks through six years old. Our teachers understand the developmental needs of young children and offer a stimulating curriculum that promotes a positive learning experience. We look at the needs of the whole child and create learning experiences that foster skills in the areas of cognitive, social, and physical development.  Character building and learning about the Catholic faith provide the foundation in all of our classrooms.  Our hands-on approach with children strengthens their natural desire to learn, encourages relationship formation with peers, and allows them to explore the world with the teacher’s support and guidance.


Our lead teachers in our Pre K 3 and Pre K 4 classrooms have a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education or a similar field of study with an emphasis in education.   This teacher requirement is crucial to ensure our teachers have the background knowledge of child development and provide a developmentally appropriate environment for their students.  Our supportive teaching staff regularly attends trainings and seminars to continue their growth of knowledge in early childhood education.


The Reggio inspired curriculum at St. Peter Early Learning Center is derived from both the children’s interest and the teachers knowledge of what is developmentally appropriate.  Teachers create their curriculum based upon the needs and developmental stages of the children in their class.  The curriculum includes math, language, science, religion, motor skills, and social activities that adhere to the Missouri Early Learning Standards.  Children’s work is assessed and documented in individual portfolios so we can share their academic growth during parent teacher conferences and throughout the year.